Federico Lara

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Public Law


Federico is a partner in the Department of Government and Regulated Sectors; he joined the Firm in 2010.

Federico has formed part of the Legal Counsel to the region of Madrid (Cuerpo de Letrados), a distinguished body of public service lawyers, since 1997 (he is now on leave). It was in this role that he developed most of his career, occupying posts in several departments (Environment, Education, Presidency, Labour), until he was named Deputy Director General for Contentious Matters (2005-2008), a post from which he directed all litigious activity in the region of Madrid, standing before all levels of judicial bodies and jurisdictions. Previously, he acted as General Counsel for the Directorate General of Communication with the Administration of Justice of the Ministry of Justice (2008-2010).

He has broad experience as a judicial advisor, representing and defending the public administration and its organisations and entities, especially in the contentious-administrative area and before the Constitutional Court, having worked in multiple areas and sectors of public law, such as sourcing and outsourcing, administrative infractions and penalties, grants and subsidies, public service, public assets, forced expropriation, environment, education and cultural heritage, associations and public law corporations, labour administration and the Administration of Justice, among others.



  • Law Degree, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 1994.
  • Masters Degree in Telecommunications and Communication Technologies Law, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2004.


He has extensive experience assisting students interested in sitting public servant entrance exams and as an advisor to public servants in the state, regional and local administrations, both in public bodies (Madrid Institute for Public Administration, Ministry of Justice), and for private academies. He carries out this work alongside his work at the Firm.



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  • La legitimación activa de las asociaciones judiciales: comentario a la STS de 27 de octubre de 2008 (caso Juez del TEDH) (The right of action of judicial associations: commentary on the Supreme Court Judgment of 27 October 2008 (case of ECHR judge)), in collaboration with Ángel Arozamena Laso, in Justicia Administrativa (The Criminal Justice System), in “Revista de Derecho Administrativo” (“Administrative Law Journal”), No. 44, July 2009.
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  • Various legal opinions in the Revista Jurídica de la Comunidad de Madrid (Legal Journal of the Regional Government of Madrid).


Madrid Bar Association (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid).