What we offer

The opportunity to join a top-tier firm

The high level of expertise of lawyers, our constant quest for excellence and philosophy of working to meet client needs, has allowed us to create a strong client portfolio, including many of the largest Spanish companies in the most varied branches of activity.

The complexity and significance of the transactions we carry out enables us to compete at the highest level with large, classic firms in Spain without losing our essence as a boutique law firm.

Forming part of a medium-sized law firm means that new lawyers can work directly with partners, participate in large transactions from day one and maintain direct and personal contact with clients.

Continuous training

At Ramón y Cajal we believe that in order to maintain our high expectations for quality in client service, it is essential that our lawyers’ knowledge is continuously kept up to date. For this reason we are firmly committed to training of various but always complementary types:

  • Our “Education Service,” organises and leads an annual series of conferences/colloquia, given by internal or external experts, which focuses on current legal issues deemed worthy of special attention.

  • Publications: the close link between many of our partners, academia and the editorial boards of some of the most prestigious law journals, mostly corporate in nature, has allowed us to unite the worlds of academia and legal practice. One example of was the creation in 2005 of a publication service in collaboration with La Ley through which several monographs have been published.

  • A documentation service which publishes, on a daily basis, a bulletin with all the news on matters of legislation, case law, doctrine and the economy that might be relevant to our clients.

  • We also have access to the main legal databases and a specialised library which is periodically updated so that our lawyers have all necessary resources to ground their legal opinions.