Our team is formed of a large group of lawyers trained in different areas of the justice system —judges, prosecutors, state attorneys and academics— that offer high added-value criminal defence as a result of their thorough understanding of both sides of criminal proceedings.

We represent and provide multidisciplinary counsel to our clients on issues including white-collar crime, corporate-related offences and all matters related to this area of activity. We also assist our clients in all aspects of criminal proceedings, including defence (criminal and civil) and prosecution before all kinds of courts.

Among the most significant actions are the following:


Crime prevention

We advise our clients on the implementation, updating and revision of crime prevention programmes tailored to their business and the level of risk to which the organisation is exposed. We collaborate with the risk management and forensic departments of major national and international consultants.

Corporate crime

We provide counsel in both defence and prosecution, representing the company and its managers, directors and shareholders, where we intervene in proceedings relating to offences committed against the company or any of its partners.

Directors and Officers

Senior professionals from a number of national and international companies, as well as IBEX-35 directors, entrust our team with their defence in criminal proceedings brought against them by third parties, by the company or by the State Prosecutor, the Tax Authority or the CNMV (regulatory body of the Spanish Stock Market). 


Our lawyers provide legal counsel in both the defence and prosecution of crimes in corruption-related proceedings. We defend the interests of all types of businesses and individuals in proceedings related to public or private corruption.

Public finances and Social Security

We work closely with the firm’s Tax Law Department in order to defend the interests of our clients before all criminal courts in proceedings initiated by the Tax Agency and the Public Prosecutor.

Occupational accident

We represent companies in criminal proceedings initiated as a result of allegations made by the Labour Inspectorate or at the request of an injured worker or his or her family. 

Environmental offences

Our lawyers represent our clients in criminal proceedings related to offences against the environment and offences against national heritage initiated by Seprona (the nature-protection unit of the Guardia Civil), the State Prosecutor and environmental associations.

Extradition and the European arrest warrant

We provide our clients with international judicial assistance, with particular regard to extradition proceedings and the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) through the relevant legal actions before the Audiencia Nacional (High Court).

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