Urban Planning and Environment


“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another”. Alfred Adler


Land and the activities carried out thereon are subject to a multitude of requirements in relation to the environment and land planning and development, which are becoming increasingly stricter. Such requirements determine, restrict or even prohibit the use of the land. 

At Ramón y Cajal we provide comprehensive legal advice that ranges from the necessary land development and environmental due diligence prior to purchasing the land, to the construction and start-up of a project, including the negotiation of all contractual matters. We therefore assist our clients in choosing the most suitable solution from an environmental and land planning and development perspective. 

Our Urban Planning and Environment team comprises lawyers with experience both in land planning and urban growth and in building refurbishments and urban regeneration. We advise on projects for the development, construction and financing of shopping centres, homes, logistics facilities, offices and hotels, and assist land owners’ consortiums (juntas de compensación), property developers and the various different levels of the public authorities responsible for land planning and development. 

What do we do? 

  • Participation in transactions for the purchase of all kinds of assets. 
  • Advising in the drawing-up of environmental and land planning and development legislation and the planning and implementation instruments approved in such legislation. 
  • Challenging environmental and land planning and development legislation and the planning and implementation instruments approved in such legislation.
  • Assessment of the environmental impact of projects, plans and programmes. 
  • Preparation and processing of urban development management tools: land readjustment projects, cooperation and compulsory purchase orders. 
  • Negotiation and processing of land development agreements. 
  • Liaising with land owners’ consortiums, management committees, property developers and conservation organisations. 
  • Drafting of reports and legal opinions regarding land development and environmental matters. 
  • Processing of permits and licences (building permits, operating licences and initial occupancy and start-up licences, as well as commercial and tourism licences and authorisations for non-development land).
  • Appeals regarding penalties, compulsory purchase orders, authorisations, licences and closure orders and against land development planning and management instruments. 
  • Classified activities and integrated pollution prevention and control. 
  • Protected natural areas. 
  • Management of risks associated with chemical substances (REACH).
  • Environmental liability, including criminal liability. 
  • Urban management of contaminated land, as well as land quality environmental statements. 

“Technical knowledge, availability and proactive approach.” Chambers and Partners, 2021

“The team has excellent technical knowledge and extensive experience in complex environmental issues, which combined with its pragmatic approach greatly facilitates internal decision making and facilitates the follow-up of matters by the client.” Legal 500, 2021