Art and Cultural Property

As a firm that is passionate about art, we have wanted to combine this interest in the art world with what we know how to do best, to provide our clients with comprehensive legal and advisory services managed by our team of experts in this area.

The services that we provide in the area of Art and Cultural Property include the following:

Buying/selling and financing of works of art

Advising on the acquisition and sale of works of art. Disputes regarding the interpretation and performance of purchase, loan and escrow agreements. Legal proceedings and arbitration. Financing agreements using works of art as security.

Representation in proceedings to defend and recover rights to works of art or rights constituting artistic-historical heritage

Contentious-administrative proceedings, disputes, mediation and arbitration for the protection or recovery of works of art, including works constituting artistic-historical heritage. Declaration of Assets of Cultural Interest and disputes between States, Autonomous Regions or other organisations.

Import and export of works of art

Processing of permits, management of licences and feasibility studies. Agreements for the temporary transfer of works, shipment and insurance.

Compliance programmes tailored to the art sector

Advising on and implementing specific compliance and anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing programmes for traders and intermediaries in the art market.

Managing legacies of artists

Foundations and patronage

Advising on the law governing foundations and cultural associations. Cultural philanthropy and taxation.

Audits of collections

Review of documentation and credentials of works of arts forming part of collections. Provenance and due diligence reports. Advising on valuations, cataloguing, appraisals, inventories and damage assessments. Management of expert evidence and authentication processes.

International art market

Advising foreign clients in relation to investments and interests in artistic-historical heritage in Spain or Spanish clients in relation to investments and interests in artistic-historical heritage in other countries.

Transfers mortis causa and donations of works of art

Advising on inheritance, estates and gifting of assets.

Advising public institutions in relation to the design and implementation of cultural policies

Intellectual property rights of the artist

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