Art and cultural property practice

As a firm that is passionate about art, we have wanted to combine this interest in the art world with what we know how to do best. We not only provide legal advice but also comprehensive consulting services managed entirely by our own team of experts.

For our art and cultural property practice, we have created a multi-disciplinary team formed not only by lawyers specialising in the different areas of law related to the art world, but also by other persons with technical knowledge of the arts industry and cultural heritage, in collaboration with a network of internationally-renowned experts. This enables us to provide consistent and comprehensive advice that can be tailored to the specific demands of the complex world of art. 

We advise museums and foundations, investors and public and private collectors, auction houses, art dealers and galleries, antique dealers and artists in all matters relating to the art world and the management of art and cultural property.

Legal advice:

  • Buying/selling and financing of works of art.
  • Cross-border shipments of works of art. Imports and exports.
  • Temporary transfers of works of art, shipment and insurance.
  • Intellectual property rights of the artist, copyright, forgeries, copies and imitations and art smuggling.
  • Taxation of art and cultural property and transactions in works of art, and tax planning of collections.
  • Transfers mortis causa and donations of art.
  • Representation in proceedings to defend or recover rights to works of art or rights constituting cultural heritage.
  • Underwater Cultural Heritage. Return and restitution issues.
  • Administrative proceedings to declare assets to be of cultural interest.
  • Conservation and protection of works of art and cultural property.
  • Conflicts between States and between Autonomous Communities or other entities.
  • Legal advice to public collections.
  • Legacies of artists.
  • Foundations Law.
  • Arbitration and mediation.


Consulting services:

  • Managing expert opinions on and authentication of works of art. Provenance searches and due diligence.
  • Valuations: cataloguing, appraisal, inventory and assessment of damages.  
  • Advising on the formation and management of collections.
  • Managing imports and exports of works of art.
  • Advising public institutions in relation to the design and implementation of cultural policies.

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