The team of lawyers from the Litigation Law Department has solid legal training and two clear goals: excellence in their practice and complete client satisfaction.

They are multidisciplinary teams designed to cover all the specialities and are, therefore, formed according to subject-matter and business sector. Matters are led by one of the Partners, making it possible to offer the client complete care and attention from the outset.

The work of the Litigation Law Department takes advantage of synergies with other departments at the Firm —such as Finance, Employment and Tax— and it is common for counsel to begin to be received before litigation in order to avoid proceedings or, insofar as is possible, to put the client on a more favourable footing and with maximum guarantees of success.

Our Litigation Law Department intervenes before all courts and arbitration tribunals. We also offer clients active participation in proceedings before foreign jurisdictions, while retaining the same partner for all purposes.

Types of proceedings in which we act:

  • Civil and corporate lawsuits.

  • Liability suits.

  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability.

  • Professional liability.

  • Assistance with and participation in situations of conflict and procedural matters within corporations. Conflicts between shareholders, challenges to resolutions of the general shareholders meeting or board of directors. Participation in separate proceedings for interim measures.

  • Enforcement of agreements between shareholders.

  • Liability claims against board directors.

  • Participation in claims arising from contractual relationships.

  • Legal orientation in proceedings arising from contractual disputes.

  • Assistance with legal action relative to the market and free competition.

  • Actions relating to intellectual property; trademark nullity actions and unfair competition.

  • Product liability, consumer and user claims and extra-contractual civil liability.

  • International proceedings.

  • Civil and commercial contracts.

  • Urban leases and joint property regimes.

  • General terms and conditions of business.

  • Agency, distribution, licensing and franchise agreements.

  • Proceedings for the termination of agreements; termination in cases of breach of contract.

  • Proceedings on the validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial contracts.

  • Enforcement proceedings.

  • Specific unit dedicated to foreclosures.

  • Execution of personal guarantees and pledges. Orders for payment and collection proceedings.

  • Enforcement of Spanish and foreign judicial decisions and arbitration rulings.

  • Determination and recognition of the estate.

  • Challenges to testamentary provisions. Distribution of the inheritance.

  • Participation in proceedings related to the breach of the right to honour, privacy and image.

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