Information Technology

At Ramón y Cajal Abogados we have a wealth of experience as advisors to companies in Spain and abroad concerning data protection and IT security, e-business, online and in situ gaming, IT contracts, outsourcing projects, cloud computing, electronic signatures, telecommunications, audiovisual and intellectual property.

Our team of lawyers has provided legal advice to companies in quite diverse sectors, such as: software, IT services, technology, finance, pharmaceuticals, retail, e-commerce, gaming, social networks, search engines and advertising, among others.

Right to Privacy and IT security

Among other issues, we advise on security audits and legal audits, matters relating to internet privacy, cookies, sanction proceedings, online behavioural advertising, use of IT resources in the workplace, international data transfers, compliance issues, privacy-by-design programmes, security breaches or failures.

E-business and information society services

Assistance with electronic contract procedures, including methods of payment, preparation of all manner of contracts and documentation, corporate use of blogs and social networks, web page audits, advertising in digital environments and liability of information society service providers.

IT contracts

Assistance with drawing up and negotiating all kinds of IT contracts (such as software, technology development, applications, platforms, etc.), service outsourcing processes, especially cloud computing, service level agreements, among others.

Electronic signatures:

Assistance with document digitalisation and management, implementation of electronic signature and identification systems, digital trust systems, probative validity of documents signed electronically and e-billing of certification service providers and users of these services.


Ongoing legal and regulatory advice on both in-person and online environments in matters such as: analysis of key legal and regulatory aspects, obtaining of all manner of permits and authorisations and compliance with requirements thereof, activities  of advertising, promotion and sponsoring, gaming and technology contracts and new business models of gaming industry and communication channels and systems.


Legal assistance to secure operating permits and contracts with other operators for networks, services or virtual systems, tender and auction processes, compliance with specific requirements and obligations with respect to consumers and users and data protection, numbering issues.


Assistance with all manner of legal and regulatory issues, securing operating permits, negotiating contracts, legal support in actions related to the right to reputation, privacy and image.

Intellectual property

We provide legal assistance in negotiating, revising and drawing up all kinds of contracts, including contracts for commercialisation and assignment of rights, obtaining domain names, domain name conflicts vis-à-vis the WIPO and other bodies, legal protection of databases, web pages and digital content.

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