Information Technology


“Loyalty is trust established as the norm”. Ortega y Gasset


Nowadays we cannot conceive of any business, even the most traditional, without using technologies which no longer appear new to us, like the Internet, emails, mobile applications or social media. 

The development of new channels for selling or communicating with customers, constant legislative changes (cookies, privacy, etc) and the appearance of technologies that are still not sufficiently regulated (blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc), mean that all companies face complex legal analyses if they do not wish to bear excessive risks when conducting their business. 

At Ramón y Cajal we have extensive experience advising companies from a wide range of sectors regarding any legal issues arising as a result of the use of technologies in their business, such as the legal management of security breaches and cyberattacks, the drafting and review of all kinds of agreements with technology providers, general terms and conditions for apps and websites or the protection of intangible assets. 

Right to privacy and information security 

We advise on adapting to legislative changes, cookies, impact-on-privacy and legal risk assessments, infringement proceedings, anonymisation processes and processing of big data, online behavioural advertising, use of IT resources, international data transfers, compliance, privacy-by-design programmes and security breaches. 

Disruptive technologies, e-commerce, information society services and digital signatures and IT agreements 

We advise regarding blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, e-procurement, corporate use of blogs and social media, advertising in digital environments, digital signature processes and IT agreements (for software, technological developments, applications, platforms, etc.) and outsourcing processes, in particular cloud computing.

Telecommunications and audiovisual 

We provide legal support in obtaining the necessary licences and authorisations and with fulfilling all specific obligations and requirements relating to consumers and users and data protection.  

Intellectual property 

We assist in negotiating, reviewing and drafting any kind of contracts and agreements, including agreements for the use and assignment of rights, well as in obtaining domain names, domain name disputes with the WIPO and other bodies and the legal protection of websites and digital content. We also provide legal support in actions relating to the right to honour, privacy and one’s own image. 

“The team made up of Norman Heckh and Maria Luisa Gonzalez is exceptional, humane and for many years it has helped us to successfully solve many issues that the company I represent has had to face. We have an excellent relationship and at all times they pay full attention to our difficulties, always giving us the best advice.” Legal 500, 2021



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