Francisco Bengoetxea

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Real Estate
Urban Planning


Francisco is a partner in the Finance and Real Estate Department of the Madrid office. He joined the Firm as a partner in 2011 after having practised at Uría Menéndez in its Real Estate, Environment and Planning Department since 2002. Previously Francisco worked at the architecture firm Ezquiaga Arquitectura Sociedad y Territorio, S.L., led by José María Ezquiaga Domínguez, Professor at the School of Architecture of Madrid and current Dean of the Architecture Official College of Madrid.

His work has focused mainly on urban development, real estate, environmental, government/public sector law and litigation: he advises private and public sector clients in a wide range of matters including the processing of documents for urban development, zoning and management, he participates in proceedings to safeguard the legality of urban developments, drafts and negotiates agreements to acquire plots to carry out residential, commercial, office and logistics projects, including the drafting of due diligence reports. Likewise, he leads the sale and purchase of asset or debts with mortgage portfolios, managed by the most relevant Spanish servicers.

He has broad experience in developing legal reports about environmental subjects: permits and authorisations, environmental impact evaluation and plans and programmes evaluation. Francisco also leads contentious-administrative appeals in matters of sanctions, expropriations, authorisations, permits, orders to shut down and against urban development planning and management documents. He participates on the legal defence regarding civil proceedings on real estate, environmental and planning issues: contractual resolutions, claims for payment or urban encumbrances.

It should be highlighted his experience in the development and financing of renewable energy projects and industrial projects on land non suitable for development, his advice on management of contaminated plots, urban developments and compensation boards, including the sale of plots reserved to finance the urbanization costs. He advises on the acquisition of Public authorities assets: public tenders, reversionary rights, registry regularization, etc.


  • Magister in Environmental Law, Instituto Universitario de Ciencias Ambientales, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2013.
  • Masters Degree in Territorial and Urban Development Policy, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2001.
  • Diploma in Urban Development, Escuela Vasca de Estudios Territoriales y Urbanos, 2000.
  • Law Degree, University of the Basque Country, 1999.



Professor in:

  • Master's Programme in Sustainable Urban Development and Urban Policies. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
  • Master's Degree in Urban Development and Territory Planning from CEU Business School.
  • Master's Degree in International Law from the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía.
  • Honorary Professor of Government/Public Sector Law, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2010).

Francisco regularly participates as a speaker in legal seminars and conferences related to his professional expertise.



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  • Biscay Bar Association (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados del Señorío de Vizcaya).
  • Urban Land Institute (ULI).