Public Law

We regularly provide advice to both public and private institutions in all aspects of administrative law, such as procedures for the preparation of general legal provisions, administrative organisation, public sector procurement, state aid and subsidies, state-owned assets and administrative liability, among others.

We defend the rights of our clients and provide legal orientation in both administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings, as well as arbitration procedures.

Our Administrative Law Department is highly specialised in providing regulatory advice in the sectors of energy, infrastructures, public services and facilities, transport, water and telecommunications, as well as in the areas of food, pharmaceuticals, social health and funerals, among other issues subject to specific administrative intervention or regulation.

The department regularly advises on complex structured financing operations and public-private partnerships (PPP).

We collaborate with various public, state, regional or local agencies in the restructuring of industries or specific bodies.

Our services include:

  • General Provisions 
  • Public sector procurement
  • State aid and subsidies
  • State-owned assets
  • Administrative liability
  • Compulsory expropriation
  • Disciplinary capacity of administrative law
  • Appeals in the administrative and contentious-administrative phases
  • Structuring of Public-Private Partnerships
  • Regulatory advice