Corporate Governance

We offer complete legal advisory in all facets of corporate governance of listed and unlisted companies, companies operating in regulated sectors, financial institutions and other operators in the securities markets.

Our team consists of respected professionals who offer comprehensive advisory in all matters related to corporate governance:

Internal Guidelines for Corporate Governance

  • Revision and updating of Company bylaws
  • Revision and updating of general guidelines for corporate governance in order to adapt them to the legal reform of good governance practices
  • Good corporate governance reports
  • Conflict-of-interest situations: Treasury stock, privileged information, professional code of conduct, etc.

Shareholders and General Shareholders’ Meetings

  • Calling and organising of general shareholders’ meetings
  • Shareholders’ right to information
  • Remote voting and electronic representation
  • Public request for representation
  • General meeting regulations

Board of Directors and Board Committees

  • Executive director contracts
  • Operating guidelines for the Board of Directors and for board committees
  • Audit and Control Committee
  • Appointments and Remuneration Committee
  • Self-evaluation, reports and financial statements
  • Organisation, structure and functioning of the board of directors
  • Advice on compensation of managers and remuneration of directors

Board Members and Senior Executives

  • By-laws
  • Liability insurance (D&O)
  • Types of directors
  • Training plan
  • Reporting obligations to company and supervisory bodies
  • Codes of conduct for directors and senior executives
  • Board regulation

Company and Group Policies

  • Corporate policies
  • Definition of the governing structure of the group and relationships with subsidiaries and investees
  • Preparation of annual corporate governance report
  • Relations with the corporate governance ratings agencies
  • Web page content on corporate governance
  • Drafting of codes of ethics or of good governance
  • Drafting of annual remuneration report
  • Drafting of regulatory compliance report

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