Ramón y Cajal has extensive experience in national and cross-border corporate transactions, with the involvement of both listed and unlisted companies of a wide range of sizes and sectors.

Our team of professionals offers highly specialised advice in investment and divestment transactions, corporate restructuring and, in general, structural modifications of companies to both industrial and financial investors, and to the companies affected by such processes and their management teams. We provide legal advice in the execution of due diligence processes, the preparation of shareholders' agreements, business collaboration agreements, plans for corporate restructuring and financing transactions.

Our vision and philosophy demand that we analyse our clients' activities and understand their motivations and needs. We aim at advancing these interests by planning and carrying out our work in a personalised, flexible and imaginative manner in order to adapt ourselves to clients' objectives.

With the aim of providing the most complete service, our advice is supplemented with advice on other areas of practice where specialisation is necessary, in accordance with the scope of the work to be carried out: Competition, labour, capital market, finance, tax, government and regulated sectors and litigation. The creation of interdisciplinary work teams allows us to gain a broader view of the transaction and to meet our clients' needs in all phases of its execution:

  • Legal and tax planning of the most suitable structure for the transaction and assessment of aspects of the activity affected by the same
  • Preparation and execution of due diligence processes (with no limitations with respect to areas subject to review) and advice on correction of contingencies detected
  • Preparation of contractual and corporate documentation for the materialisation of the transaction, such as investment agreements, contracts of sale and purchase, corporate agreements and so on. 
  • Assistance with and participation in negotiation processes
  • Advice on and execution of ancillary matters, such as planning of and provision of guarantees, communications and third-party and regulatory authorisations and so on.

We also work with an extensive network of firms that have a similar vision of independence and quality. They supplement our services in transactions with an international scope, enabling us to meet the corporate needs of our clients in the main jurisdictions. Their work is coordinated and supervised by our lawyers, who are responsible for ensuring that their performance meets the same standards of effectiveness. 

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