Corporate Compliance

A number of legal and regulatory changes, some of which are now in force, have introduced the need to undertake an urgent extensive restructuring of companies’ Compliance units. To this end a Compliance body and function must be created within the organisation, working in parallel with the internal audit function, albeit in a different fashion, with independence, autonomy and a sufficient rank within the corporate structure.

Ramón y Cajal Abogados has extensive experience of drawing up and adapting models for the organisation and management of criminal risk. Our multi-disciplinary team provides legal advice for firms wishing to implement compliance and crime prevention systems. To do so the Office has created a team headed up by the Departments of Corporate Governance and Criminal Law to provide a comprehensive service suited to the characteristics and needs of our clients.

We assist our clients with the process involved in designing, adapting or implementing the model to organise and manage criminal risk. Specifically, Ramón y Cajal provides the following services:

  • Assistance with the creation of a compliance body, or review and adaptation of the existing compliance body’s competences in the management of criminal risk.
  • Analysis of criminal risks at the company.
  • Establishment and management of a whistleblowing facility.
  • Preparation of the internal regulations of the compliance body.
  • Formulation of disciplinary codes for non-compliance scenarios.
  • Training schemes for employees on compliance programmes.