We regularly provide advice to both public and private entities on all kinds of matters related to environmental issues.

Our Spanish and international clients operate in quite diverse sectors: telecommunications, aeronautics, automotive, paper industry, chemical, energy, retailing and mass distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, industrial machinery, desalination, waste and refuse, oil and gas, etc.

The firm provides interdisciplinary services that take into account the different areas of expertise involved, such as knowledge of government and public sector law, environmental law, urban development lawcriminal and civil procedure.

Principal fields of practice in this area include:

Renewable and conventional energy

Issues related to the environmental, administrative, territorial and urban development aspects of renewable energy production, project finance and prior due diligence. 

Atmospheric emissions

Acquisition and management of greenhouse gas emissions allowances; assistance in negotiations, drafting and revision of agreements for the acquisition of emissions allowances and in applying for authorisation of greenhouse gas emissions and the individual allocation of emissions allowances; administrative, civil and criminal proceedings related to atmospheric emissions and sound pollution.

Classified activities and integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC)

Discharges and waste management

Liability of companies that generate and manage waste, of waste treatment plants, of transport of waste, in recycling, etc.; and advice on the implementation and operation of integrated waste management systems for all types of waste

Contaminated soil

Water management

Administrative, civil and criminal proceedings related to discharges or water contamination Projection, construction, financing and exploitation of hydraulic infrastructures Occupation and use of natural resources.

Protection of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity

Administrative, civil and criminal proceedings related to the infringement of regulations protecting natural resources, flora and fauna, historical heritage and related to territorial regulation.

Agriculture and management of chemical risks (REACH)

Environmental Impact Assessments

Advice is provided to clients on the drafting of the studies of environmental impact and obtaining a favourable environmental impact statement, as well as on the steps for obtaining basic authorisation.

Assessment of plans and programmes

Public administrations request our services in environmental issues arising from the evaluation of their plans and programmes involving transport infrastructures, transfers of water, territorial and urban development planning instruments.

Environmental liability

We advise companies included in the scope of Law 26/2007 in relation to their obligations to prevent, avoid and repair damage to the environment.