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On November, 8, the Spanish Data Protection Agency issued its new Guidance on the Use of Cookies which updates the document published in 2013. For this reason, Ramón y Cajal Abogados has prepared a newsletter in which analyzed the key issues included in this document, as well as the main sanctions imposed by the AEPD in relation to the use of cookies from 2015 to the present day.

Publication – Lexology Getting the Deal Through: Private Antitrust Litigation 2020 (Spain)


The prestigious publisher Lexology Getting The Deal Through has just released the third edition of its Private Antitrust Litigation guide, in which our firm has once again collaborated. The Spanish jurisdiction chapter has been prepared by our partners Pedro Suárez and Antonio de Mariano and our associate Javier Pérez Fernández.

This guide provides practical answers to both procedural and substantive issues raised by competition law claims (also known as “private enforcement”), such as cartels or abuses of dominance, including claims for damages. In the specific case of Spain, this area is in full legislative and jurisprudential development, especially as a result of the recent transposition of Directive 2014/104/EU (the Damage Directive), and its application remains particularly complex and novel for lawyers, judges and economists. Spain is nevertheless beginning to position itself as a reference jurisdiction at European level, with an increasing number of claims being litigated here.

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